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How To Plan A Successful Murder Mystery Party!

In summary: You want a fun party at  a location of your choice. You want the party on a certain date at a certain time. You want great food! You want your guests to have fun being interactive with each other, not be embarrassed! You want an event planner to go out of their way to make your party the best it can be. And lastly, you don’t want to get ripped off! Feeling like you wasted your time and money. No, you want to feel like you just experienced the best party you have ever been to and everyone in your group can’t stop talking about it.





Below Are The 3 Most Important Things You Will 

Need For A Successful Murder Mystery Party:

1. Call a well-organized professional company that has   been around for many years and has the best reputation in town! (Call us: 708-637-4620)

2. Ask questions! Find out Who?, What?, Where?, Why?, When?, and How Much?

Who: You want to have a private event for your party and you want to make sure that the party will be a success (We will make that happen! Take a look at a few of our REVIEWS to see how we work).

What: Our only goal is to help you have a worry-free and fun party for you and your guests! Over the years we have really perfected our craft. We know exactly what our customers want and expect and we do everything in our power to deliver the best experience possible. That is why we only do private parties! We cater to all of your needs!

Where: Anywhere you want! We bring our party to you! We will help you decide where to have the party, if you haven't already made that decision!

Why: Our interactive murder mystery dinner parties are perfect for any occasion.  We specialize in Corporate Events, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries,Bachelorette parties, Christmas Parties, Halloween Parties, etc. Our brilliant team of writers have created a wide variety of themes for you to choose from. Pick the theme that works best for your group! We bring parties to the location of your choice. Contact us for your next party and our professional event planners will help you plan the most fun, unique, and memorable party you have ever had! We look forward to giving you a killer party!

When: You choose the date and time!

How Much? Our prices have always been the lowest around! Our fees are always posted on our website because we have nothing to hide. We have no hidden fees! You might find prices of other companies that appear to be lower than ours, but you are not seeing their mysterious hidden fees that add up to a very expensive party. That discount coupon you find might seem cheap, but the hidden fees are the real killer in those mysteries! Click here for our prices!

3. Now book your party with the best murder mystery company there is...Murder Mystery Dinner Parties!

 We are the only original interactive murder mystery company in Chicago. Our reputation proves our expertise. We have many years of experience. We are not one of those fly-by-night murder mystery companies that you read about online with all of their bad reviews. We care about our clients and promise to provide you with a fantastic party experience!

Do you have the date and time for your party?

Give us a call at: 708-637-4620 and we will help you 

plan everything!

Perfect for any occasion:

 Corporate, Birthday, Bachelorette, Christmas, Weddings,    Halloween,  Fundraisers,   Kid's Parties,   Any Party!    

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